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SOPHIC Curly Cleanser 375ml

SOPHIC Curly Cleanser 375ml

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99% naturally derived ingredients. 

A surfactant-free cream cleanser (a.k.a. shampoo) for maintaining naturally curly or permed hair. Gently cleanses curly hair without dehydrating sulphates, surfactants or silicones. By maintaining the optimal state of hydration, curls are left defined with flexibility. Anti-frizz properties smooth the hair surface to create frizz-free shiny locks.

Smells like... Pink Grapefruit and Orange

Did you know? Surfactants are used to create that lathering effect in shampoos. This is a non-lathering shampoo that is ideal for curls. Our Curly Cleanser gently cleanses your hair and scalp while maintaining your natural oil balance.

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