We are Sophic

An authentically Australian professional hair colour and care brand made for the conscious salon professionals, who seek better; for performance, for people and for the planet.

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  • Colour Collection

    Our Hybrid Colour Treatment is Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Paraben and GMO free. Yet, delivers the most stunning results.

  • Bleach & Developers

    A full concept of technical products that are uniquely smart and safe for the most discerning clients in salon. We got you covered!

  • Clean Hair Care

    Who knew basin area products could be aesthetically pleasing, have clean ingredients and function well above industry standards?


Why Sophic?

Sophic Standards


We searched high and low for products that were truly clean and performed. When we couldn't find them in the market, we took the initiative and crafted them ourselves.


At Sophic, people are our driving force. We embrace a world where mindfulness towards one another is paramount, and we uphold these ideals in all we do.


At Sophic, our planet's well-being is a top priority. We diligently work to minimise our environmental footprint, ensuring our actions reflect our deep commitment to Earth's preservation.

  • Keeping it Clean

    After scouring far and wide without finding the perfect alternative, we took matters into our own hands. Meticulously crafted without Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Parabens, or GMOs. Our Hybrid system genuinely checks every box for purity and performance.

  • 52 Tubes, Infinite Results

    With 52 foundational shades, every desired hue is within reach. Our colour chart and education platform further guide your creative journey, making any dream shade achievable. Say goodbye to buying an additional semi, demi, permanent or toning line. Our Hybrid Colour Treatment does it all.

  • More. For Less

    With our 1:1.5 (colour to developer) mixing ratio, the Hybrid Colour treatment is designed for efficiency. By using less colour, salons can optimize inventory, manage expenses better, and ensure consistent results. Reducing overall colour costs & elevating the salon's sustainability efforts.

  • Bramble Wattle

    Supports healthy hair growth. Full of antioxidants to combat free radicles. Adds hair conditioning benefits.

  • Desert Lime

    Well-adapted to the dry desert conditions of the outback, Desert Lime rejuvenates and hydrates the scalp and hair by binding water molecules.

  • Tea Tree Oil

    Helps promote healthy hair growth, balances PH, and preserves scalp health with its antiseptic and antibiotic properties during colouring.

  • Quandong Fruit

    Quandong is rich in Vitamin E which provides hydration and protection to the scalp and helps shield against the elements.

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    Sophic represents salon-driven innovation. Our salon-proven formulas deliver vibrant results while prioritising health.


    Proudly Australian, Sophic celebrates our heritage with biodiverse, native ingredients for uniquely effective products.


    Mindful at every stage, we ensure our product journey embodies sustainability and thoughtful impact.


    Sophic Stylists all share a dedication to skill, creativity, and conscious values. Together, we're shaping a greener future.


    From novices to masters, our educational team & resources are designed to inspire new levels of skill & creativity.


    Our ethos is simple: beauty without cruelty. Sophic's vegan, ethical range respects all life. It's simple really.

Sophic For Salons

Why is it called the Conscious Colour System?

A conscious lifestyle is a deliberate and thought-out life. It’s about being mindful of how we live our lives through the choices we make, and how those choices affect the lives of others. We create products for those who are aware of the impact they leave on the environment, hairdressers who are mindful of the toxic chemicals that they expose themselves and their clients to everyday, stylists who consider the social impact their consumption. We create products for the conscious colourist.

How is SOPHIC Pro better for mine, and my clients health?

We know that for a colour to have professional results, it must contain artificial ingredients. As years go on, and more research becomes available, we are discovering that some of the ingredients that have been traditionally used are the cause of major health concerns for both clients and hairdressers. We have chosen to exclude these from our formulas, and replace them with ingredients that are kinder to the environment and our health.

So is SOPHIC Natural, Organic and Toxic- Free?

‘Natural’, ‘Organic’ and other buzz words that are flying around are vague and unregulated. A natural ingredient doesn't always mean it’s safe (hello poisonous mushrooms!) likewise, a complex process of chemical reactions to create a product doesn’t mean it is harmful (aka... chocolate!)

We formulate our products to be gentle and accessible for everyone. We combine ingredients that have organic certifications with revolutionary technologies to create advanced formulations that everyone can enjoy. What is in the products is just as an important as what’s not.

So what ingredients has SOPHIC excluded from the Conscious Colour System?

Along with silicones, parabens, phthalates,PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMO’s and synthetic fragrances.

The big 3 we have excluded are:


Ammonia is a corrosive colourless gas, used to open the hair cuticle and allow the colour to penetrate into the cortex. For our clients, direct contact can cause contact dermatitis, irritation and burns. For hairstylists, who are inhaling ammonia consistently while working in salon, ammonia has been proven to cause irritation and destruction to airways.

SOPHIC have replaced it with Cocomide – MEA, a coconut derivative that works in a similar way to ammonia, without being corrosive.


Paraphenylenediamine is the colour pigment used to create dark tones. Reactions to PPD’s are becoming more prevelant. These reactions range from dermatitis, to more sever reactions of asthma, anaphylaxis and renal failure.

SOPHIC instead use para-toluenediamine (PTD’s) - meaning more than 50% of people with allergies to PPD’s will not experience adverse effects.


Resorcinol is a colouring agent, responsible for yellow and green tones. It has been shown to be a skin irritant as well as an endocrine disruptor. We use a combination of a few different agens to achieve the same effect without the irritations.

What makes SOPHIC Sustainable?

At SOPHIC, we approach every decision with a deep sense of awareness and responsibility. We have designed our brand around waste, well... the lack of! All decisions are influenced by their impact on the planet – from our amber glass packaging, and way our products are packaged and shipped, to the geographical location of the harvested ingredients to the toilet paper we use in the office!

Is SOPHIC tested on animals?

Just our friends and family! SOPHIC is not tested on animals and is cruelty free.

Is SOPHIC Vegan friendly?

Absolutely! We haven’t heard our products say a bad word about a vegan yet.... (and we have no animal bi-products in our formulas).

  • “SOPHIC is one of the best colour system’s I have used to date. Having no harsh chemicals my client’s are blown away, not only by the results of how shiny and natural the colours are, but also how it doesn’t affect their scalps in the slightest. I'm absolutely obsessed! ”


    Curjo Hair - Prospect SA