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Pro Foundation Parcel

Pro Foundation Parcel


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Experience the Sophic Difference:
Our Foundation Parcel is your first step into the world of conscious coloring. This is your chance to try our signature system at a heavily discounted rate and discover the transformational power of plants right before your eyes!

What's Included:

  • 1L Developing Cream (3.5 vol)
  • 1L Developing Cream (20 vol)
  • 500g Lightening Butter (Bleach)
  • 120g Reconstructing Elixir
  • 5 x Hybrid Colour Tubes

Step 1: Choose Your Base Colour Range

Colour: Blondes

Step 2: Add Optional Bundle


Everything you need to put our Conscious Colour System to the test!

All Foundations Parcels include the following Technical Products:

1 x 6% (20 Vol) Developing Cream 1L

1 x 1% (3.5 Vol) Developing Cream 1L

1 x Lightening Butter 500g

1 x Reconstructing Elixir 120g

5 x Hybrid Colour Tubes

Choose between Naturals, Blondes, and Coppers.

If you select Naturals you will receive:

1 x 4.0 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 5.0 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 5.1 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 6.0 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 6.1 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

If you select Blondes you will receive:

1 x 10.0 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 9.1 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 8.2 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 10.3 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 7.1 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

If you select Coppers you will receive:

1 x 8.44 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 6.44 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 7.4 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 7.3 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

1 x 6.3 Hybrid Colour Treatment 100g

If you'd like to try more than one selection of colours simply add the Booster of your choice below.

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Deliver exceptional results, & align your work with your values.

SOPHIC Pro presents a mindful approach to hair colour for stylists and clients alike. Our line is conscientiously free from Ammonia, PPD, and Resorcinol, ensuring brilliant blondes, deep brunettes, and vivid reds, alongside impeccable grey coverage. We couldn't find products that performed and suited mindful colourists, so we made them.

Watch to Learn More

Sophic Educator

In this video, Gabby will take you through the essentials of SOPHIC colour innovation. She explains the details of the foundation package and demonstrates why it's the choice for mindful colour creators.
  • Keeping it Clean

    After scouring far and wide without finding the perfect alternative, we took matters into our own hands. Meticulously crafted without Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Parabens, or GMOs. Our Hybrid system genuinely checks every box for purity and performance.

  • 52 Tubes, Infinite Results

    With 52 foundational shades, every desired hue is within reach. Our colour chart and education platform further guide your creative journey, making any dream shade achievable. Say goodbye to buying an additional semi, demi, permanent or toning line. Our Hybrid Colour Treatment does it all.

  • More. For Less

    With our 1:1.5 (colour to developer) mixing ratio, the Hybrid Colour treatment is designed for efficiency. By using less colour, salons can optimize inventory, manage expenses better, and ensure consistent results. Reducing overall colour costs & elevating the salon's sustainability efforts.

  • The Foundation Parcel

    1L Developing Cream (3.5 vol):

    1L Developing Cream (20 vol):

    500g Lightening Butter (Bleach):

    120g Reconstructing Elixir:

    5 x Hybrid Colour Tubes: Please note that you can select one booster pack in your foundation pack. You can then optionally add other booster packs, so you can trial all the colours you need.

  • The Booster Packs


    • 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1 Hybrid Colour Treatment (100g each)


    • 10.0, 9.1, 8.2, 10.3, 7.1 Hybrid Colour Treatment (100g each)


    • 8.44, 6.44, 7.4, 7.3, 6.3 Hybrid Colour Treatment (100g each)

Confidently Clean

Mindful Colouring, Without:

🚫 Resorcinol
🚫 Ammonia

The Benefits in your Salon:

✅ Breathe easy without the harsh chemicals
✅ Gentle on scalps for reduced irritation
✅ Minimised risk of dermatitis and color allergies

  • Bramble Wattle

    Supports healthy hair growth. Full of antioxidants to combat free radicles. Adds hair conditioning benefits.

  • Desert Lime

    Well-adapted to the dry desert conditions of the outback, Desert Lime rejuvenates and hydrates the scalp and hair by binding water molecules.

  • Tea Tree Oil

    Helps promote healthy hair growth, balances PH, and preserves scalp health with its antiseptic and antibiotic properties during colouring.

  • Quandong Fruit

    Quandong is rich in Vitamin E which provides hydration and protection to the scalp and helps shield against the elements.

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Our Pro Foundation Parcel comes with support to get you up to speed with the Sophic System. Here are some of the quesitons you may have.

How does the cream help in reconstructing the hair?

The unique blend of ingredients actively nourishes and reconstructs hair strands during the developing process.

Does the product have a strong scent?

Our Developing Cream has a mild, pleasant natural scent, thanks to the natural botanical ingredients. No harsh chemical scents are added.

Can the Sophic Developing Cream be used for both highlights and full-colour treatments?

Yes, its versatile formulation is suitable for a range of colouring techniques, from highlights to full-colour transformations.

How do the antioxidants in the cream benefit my hair?

Antioxidants protect hair from environmental stressors, ensuring colour longevity and overall hair health.

Is the Sophic Developing Cream vegan and cruelty-free?

We prioritise ethical practices. Our Developing Cream is cruelty-free, and we always

  • “With SOPHIC, we've found the perfect balance products that care for the planet and deliver exceptional results. It's the future of hair care.”


    Pamela Rose Hair - Gardenvale VIC

  • Performance

    Sophic represents salon-driven innovation. Our salon-proven formulas deliver vibrant results while prioritising health.

  • Authenticity

    Proudly Australian, Sophic celebrates our heritage with biodiverse, native ingredients for uniquely effective products.

  • Sustainability

    Mindful at every stage, we ensure our product journey embodies sustainability and thoughtful impact.

  • Community

    Sophic Stylists all share a dedication to skill, creativity, and conscious values. Together, we're shaping a greener future.

  • Education

    From novices to masters, our educational team & resources are designed to inspire new levels of skill & creativity.

  • Respect

    Our ethos is simple: beauty without cruelty. Sophic's vegan, ethical range respects all life. It's simple really.


Experience unrivalled results and redefine your industry. Join the movement towards better professional products.

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Alana Prowse
Amazing Value & Great Products!

I’m so happy with the purchase! My order was shipped so quick, it’s such great value and I absolutely love how the colours perform!