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Reconstructing Elixir

Reconstructing Elixir

Transforms even the most compromised hair into layers of silk

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Applied with our Hybrid Colour Treatment and Developing Cream, saving you time and adding significant value to your service.

  • Glucose and amino acidic protein treatment
    Penetrates deep into the cortex to create new hydrogen and ionic bonds to support the damaged internal keratin structure
  • Can be used in all colour treatments and toners
  • Decreases hair breakage and minimises hair loss
  • For dry, damaged & stressed mid-length and ends.


SOPHIC Reconstructing Elixir is the sidekick that takes the whole show up a notch. It's like a rescue mission for your dry, damaged, and stressed-out hair ends. The Reconstructing Elixir teams up with the Hybrid Colour Treatment to work its magic while your colour is processing.

Compromised to Silky:
This Glucose and amino acidic protein treatment doesn't just sit on the surface – it goes deep into the hair's core, forging new hydrogen and ionic bonds. This process is like giving your hair a structural makeover, reinforcing its internal keratin structure and restoring its strength and manageability.

Why it Works:
We carefully selected each ingredient to bring you a treatment that truly reconstructs damaged hair. Arginine HCL, a fundamental amino acid, takes center stage by skillfully reconstructing keratin proteins, while also pulling double duty as a humectant, ensuring the hair shaft is infused with vital moisture. Wheat Amino Acid steps in to elevate collagen production, fostering amplified strength and elasticity within the hair structure. Finally, Gluconates play a crucial role in fortifying hair fibers and engaging in the restoration of compromised disulfide bonds, resulting in revitalised hair integrity and health.

Time Saving & Dollar Making:
Designed to be combined with our Hybrid Colour Treatment and Developing Creams, our Reconstructing Elixir processes while the colour does. Saving you time at the basin and adding to your bottom line. Need we say more?


120mL tube

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  • Simplified Salon Workflow

    Streamline your services by reconstructing as you colour. This dual-action process not only leaves hair remarkably silky but also allows for an upgraded service charge, benefiting both you and your clients.

  • Active Reconstruction

    Active reconstruction that penetrates the cortex, fortifying its internal keratin structure. The power of amino acids elevates collagen production, ensuring hair not only feels silky smooth but also boasts enhanced strength and elasticity.

  • The Silkiest Results

    Your clients will be astounded by the exceptional feel of their hair! The Reconstructing Elixir sets a new industry benchmark, offering brilliant results without sacrificing client health. Clearly, its the evolution in hair repair for the modern salon.

  • Arginine HLC

    Contains high concentrations of Vitamin E, Ceramides and Fatty Acids that moisturise, strengthen the hair, increasing lustre. Contributes to sealing the cuticle ensuring softer and shiner hair.

  • Wheat Amino Acid

    Contains high concentrations of Vitamin E, Ceramides and Fatty Acids that moisturise, strengthen the hair, increasing lustre. Contributes to sealing the cuticle ensuring softer and shiner hair.

  • Gluconates

    Contains high concentrations of Vitamin E, Ceramides and Fatty Acids that moisturise, strengthen the hair, increasing lustre. Contributes to sealing the cuticle ensuring softer and shiner hair.

  • Tocopherol

    Tocopherol enhances hair texture, making it smoother and shinier while preventing split ends, promoting healthier and stronger hair by providing UV protection against damage and oxidative stress.

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Educator Insights

Sophic Educator

In the video, you'll understand why the Reconstructing Elixir is a staple in my salon. It transforms hair from the inside out, ensuring unparalleled silkiness and strength. For me, it's the gold standard in hair repair, delivering results that both stylists and clients will love.

Usage & Application Tips

From understanding product benefits to application nuances, we're here to guide and enlighten. Explore our insights and tips below for a seamless experience.

How does reconstructing Elixir differ from other treatments?

Reconstructing Elixir is added into your SOPHIC colour and process or develops while the colour is processing. The advantage of this being the cuticle layer of the hair is open while the colour is processing, this gives the mixture of amino acids, gluconate and tocopherol a chance to better penetrate the hair and reconstruct at the same time. Not only is this time saving for colourists but more beneficial for clients.

In what colour service can we add reconstructing Elixir?

We recommend adding Reconstructing Elixir in to ends colour and toners, generally speaking this hair is in need of the most repair.

Should we charge our clients extra for this service?

Absolutely, we would recommend charging extra to add Elixir into your colour. Not only will this have a financial benefit to colourists, it will also promote a conversation around the product. Clients need to know that you're using such an amazing colour brand and the benefits of adding our Elixir into your colours.

What are the mixing ratios for adding Elixir?

There are 2 methods to add Elixir into your mix;

If you are using the same colour from your root area through to the ends. - Apply the root area first then weigh the remaining amount of colour in your bowl. Once you've weighed the colour add 1/5 Reconstructing Elixir to the bowl and mix. For example, we have 25g total remaining product, add 5g Reconstructing Elixir.

If you are using a fresh mix, we recommend mixing at 1:1.5. Once your colour is mixed add Reconstructing Elixir equal to half the amount of SOPHIC colour. For example, 10g 10.1 + 15g 1% + 5g Reconstructing Elixir.

Don't stress about the maths though! We can provide quick view charts to help.

Will adding Reconstructing Elixir effect the tone or depth of our colour?

Absolutely not, we don’t recommend adding it into resistant, grey coverage clients however.

  • “With SOPHIC, we've found the perfect balance products that care for the planet and deliver exceptional results. It's the future of hair care.”


    Natorg - Clayfield QLD

  • Performance

    Sophic represents salon-driven innovation. Our salon-proven formulas deliver vibrant results while prioritising health.

  • Authenticity

    Proudly Australian, Sophic celebrates our heritage with biodiverse, native ingredients for uniquely effective products.

  • Sustainability

    Mindful at every stage, we ensure our product journey embodies sustainability and thoughtful impact.

  • Community

    Sophic Stylists all share a dedication to skill, creativity, and conscious values. Together, we're shaping a greener future.

  • Education

    From novices to masters, our educational team & resources are designed to inspire new levels of skill & creativity.

  • Respect

    Our ethos is simple: beauty without cruelty. Sophic's vegan, ethical range respects all life. It's simple really.


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