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SOPHIC Foil 140mm

SOPHIC Foil 140mm

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  • 140mm x 280mm
  • 1000 sheets
  • 18 micron
  • Pre-cut and folded
  • Ideal for long hair and balayaging.


For the Planet

  • Australian Made
  • Recycled & Recyclable Aluminium 
  • Conserve Natural Resources 
  • FSC Certified Packaging


Closing the Loop

When it comes to Sophic products, we not only focus on creating something amazing but also on how to dispose of it in the most eco-friendly way possible! 


Box - Toss it in the recycling bin!


Foils - After use, give them a quick wash, turn them into a compact ball (around the size of a tennis ball), and drop them into your recycling bin.


Plastic Protection Sleeve - We did everything we could to avoid it, but in order to protect your foils and keep them in pristine condition in transport, this protective sleeve became a necessity. Dispose of this sleeve in your bin, knowing that it is made from 50% recycled plastic and is landfill biodegradable. These sleeves break down approximately 90% faster than traditional plastics.

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