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SOPHIC Oval Brush Beech wood

SOPHIC Oval Brush Beech wood

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Most people underestimate the power of their brush in general hair care. You're not just brushing your hair, you're also giving your scalp a massage. This action stimulates the capillaries and over time, improves blood circulation and nourishes hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients. Regular stimulation encourages hair growth, strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss.

Made from FSC certified beechwood, this material is by nature a dense wood allowing the wooden pins to easily penetrate and glide through the hair. It is also anti-static and does not hold heat making it great for styling when working with a blowdryer or hair straightener. The wooden pins absorb the natural oils on the scalp and redistributes the oil through the hair thus adding moisture back into the hair. The natural rubber bed allows the wooden pins to mold to the shape of the scalp ensuring every inch of the scalp is covered.

Sophic Oval Brush is ideal for everyday use to massage the scalp.

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